Why Speechless Is Everything

I'd read about Speechless once or twice online before I got round to watching it but knew that I had to find time. It's about a non verbal, 16 year old wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy just living his life - and the best part is that he's played by an actor who actually has cerebral palsy (I know, I was shocked too). 

The show isn't all doom and gloom, and while it focuses on the problems of living with a disability, it is absolutely hilarious. I think I pretty much laughed at every episode because it was so relatable without being offensive and I haven't really shut up about it since. 

I know representation is important, it's something that I'm so adamant about, but Speechless really hit it home to me just how important it is. Not once in the show was JJ's disability seen or treated as a negative and it tackled serious problems such as dating and inclusivity better than anything I've ever seen before. 

I'm sorry it's been a bit of a pointless post, but whether you're disabled or not, you should watch Speechless. The characters are badass, the family is normal and disability isn't so much of a plot point than a fact of life. I don't want to give away any spoilers so just watch it, okay?

Have you watched Speechless? What did you think?


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