What I Think Of My Fidget Cube

I'd seen Fidget Cubes online ages ago and sent my friend a link telling her how cool they were. I love them but didn't think anything of it, so it was a wonderful surprise when she got me one for Christmas (this post is super late okay, I know). 

I'm really bad at just sitting down and watching TV or generally concentrating if I don't have something to do with my hands. Normally this means that I end up on my phone, which annoys the hell out of me since I end up missing huge chunks of the show - so my friend thought a Fidget Cube might come in handy - something small to fiddle with that won't distract me. It'll also be really helpful with my anxiety too. 

The Fidget Cube is like a dice with loads of different things to fiddle with on each side. There's a ball and gears that roll, a switch that clicks, a joystick, a spinner, buttons (three of which click and two don't) and a smooth 'breathe' side. 

Since having the cube, I've been able to focus a lot better and I've found the breathe side especially helpful when I'm feeling anxious (it kind of feels like stroking someone's thumb, which is something I've always found really soothing).

The cubes cost about £20 and my friend bought mine at A.A Gadgets, but I'd definitely recommend getting one if you fiddle and struggle to relax. It's small enough that you can use it in lectures if you need to or put it in your pocket just in case and i reckon they're a really useful thing to have. 


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