The Humans - Matt Haig

I swear I always say whatever book I've just read is my favourite book ever, but I don't think I've meant it more than when I messaged my friends after I'd finished The Humans by Matt Haig. 

I'd been told that i should read The Humans again and again and I think because of that I'd kept putting it off, because what if it wasn't as good as everyone said. Well, it was. It is easily one of the funniest books that I've read, not necessarily funny like 'hahaha', more funny like 'oh shit yeah that's so accurate' as Haig gives a very frank account of humans and how we are. 

It is honestly fantastic, has some brilliant quotes and some very important messages on love, life and relationships with other people, and I think it will always be one of those books that I'll think about every now and then and laugh to myself. The next time someone asks me my favourite book, I'll be telling them this one.

If you haven't read The Humans yet then you should, and if you have, what did you think?


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