Unibox Review

I was lucky enough to receive January's Unibox a few weeks ago now but I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a proper review until now due to uni assignments blah. I'm sorry that it is February and I'm reviewing a January box, but hey, it still gives you an idea of what kind of thing you'll be getting if you subscribe. 

To me, the idea of Unibox seems brilliant and I think it would be really cute to receive one, especially if you're a student who lives away from home. On first impression, it contains lots of items I would never buy for myself, so it's a lovely way of treating yourself or someone you love. The one-month subscription costs £24.99, which to me is pretty expensive, but given what is in it and if you're viewing it as a treat, it might be justifiable.

The box contained way more items than I was expecting, 8 in total along with a Unibox magazine and list of the items in the box. I'm pretty impressed because at first look the items all seem really high quality, and having the list to explain everything is so helpful.

So what did I get?

Nomnom Honeycomb Chocolate - I'm saving this for a treat at the weekend, but the packaging looks adorable and it sounds really good!

Purition Protein Shakes - I've had very bad experiences with protein shakes in the past, so I'm a little wary about trying these. The flavours I received to sound good, and I will try these eventually and I'll let you all know my opinions then.

Spare Fruit Apple Crisps - Not only are these a great alternative to crisps, but Spare Fruit uses surplus fruit to produce their crisps, meaning less food waste is going to landfill. I love this, and I'm eating them while I write this, so I'd definitely buy more if I saw them in the supermarket. 

Teapigs - Recently I've got really into tea and coffee, but my student budget won't stretch to Teapigs, so I was pretty excited to see these in the box. The idea of popcorn flavour tea is weirdly appealing to me and I hope they're as good as I want them to be - I'll be tweeting about these too without a doubt. 

£20 Teech Voucher - Despite the little bit of information on te sheet in the box, I still had to google to see what Teech actually is. It turns out it is an app to help you if you're stuck on work, connecting you with teachers that can help you. While it's not something I'm interested in, it's a pretty cool idea and the £20 voucher can buy two months of the basic membership. 

Photo shows voucher and holder

Student Card Holder - I will never use this because of my PopSocket, but having a card holder that sticks to your phone is a pretty good idea really.

BubbleOff! Room Spray - I'm really happy that this is cruelty-free and vegan since I've been looking for a good room spray/air freshener for a while. The scent of the Tonka Bean and Lime room spray is really lovely and fresh so it's fab for when your halls stink and your family is coming over.  

Voost - As with the protein shakes, I've tried something similar before and found it revolting so I'm not sold on these. I'm not really a vitamins kind of gal, but I reckon these will be good whenever I inevitably get ill around important deadlines.

Would you order a Unibox for yourself or someone else? If you want to try it out, go here and use the discount code UNIBOXSARAH by 13th Feb 2017 to receive 15% off! 

Disclaimer: products featured in this post were sent to me by brands in return for honest reviews but the opinions are entirely my own. 


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