Should TV Shows Have Trigger Warnings?

It's starting to seem that everywhere you look, things have trigger warnings, and while they can be extremely helpful, there's one area that I've noticed doesn't have to display trigger warnings - TV shows and films.

I'd had the idea for this post a while back, but after seeing T2 (the second Trainspotting film), it made me think about it a bit more - yes, I know that films and certain shows have warnings for sex, violence and drug abuse, but they're not very specific and the severity of the trigger can vary massively within this warning.  

Seeing stuff on TV can be just as triggering as seeing it written down in a blog post (if not worse) and there's nothing worse than having a bad day, deciding to curl up with your favourite TV show and then seeing something which really triggers you. I'm not asking for a scene by scene of the show or film, just something that states that suicide or self harm or any other trigger is involved - not necessarily to put people off watching it, but to give them fair warning and let them prepare themselves if certain triggers are a problem for them. 

What do you reckon? Do you think TV shows should have trigger warnings or am I just being dramatic?


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