I Need To Chill Out!

I recently had to have a massive rethink about blogging. Not whether I wanted to do it or not, there was never any doubt about that, but honestly, it had been causing me way more stress than it should have been. 

I'd started to fall out of love with blogging a bit due to the pressure I'd been putting on myself to schedule content a month in advance and prove myself in the blogging world, but I've decided I'm not about that anymore. I want blogging to be fun, a release, not something that gives me approximately two breakdowns a month. 

So that's why, this month, I've decided I'm not blogging a month in advance. I'm still planning on posting every other day, I'll still be talking about stuff that's important to me, but I want to start doing more posts about just me and what I'm doing so that when I look back on my blog in a few years, I can see what I was doing now compared to where I'm at then. 

I'm writing whatever I want, whenever I want, because after all, I blog for myself, I just hope that some of you decide to stick around and read it!


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