Happy (Late) Galentines Day

Dear Meg, Tahnee, Liv & Eliza, 

Some of you (Meg and Eliza, I’m looking at you), have been moaning about not having a dedicated blog post for a while now, and I thought what better time to write one than a late Galentines Day post - even though I know you’ll all mercilessly bully me for this. 

Image Credit//ohnorachio.com

Thank you for being such fab friends, even if I do get insulted on a daily basis. Uni really wouldn’t be the same without you and I’m really glad that I have my squad to have my back and tell me when I’m being an absolute fucking idiot. You aren’t afraid to tell me what you really think, which is definitely what I need and whether it’s laughing about the burn book or the endangered woodland Narwhal, I always know that you lot can cheer me up when not even pizza can. 

I didn’t really expect to make friends at uni, but after meeting you guys, I’m really glad I did. 

Happy Galentines gal pals, you better appreciate this. 


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