February Faves

If you read my last blog post (it's here if you haven't and you want to), you'll know that February is a pretty shit month for me and my family. Because of that, i reckon it's even more important that I look at what I'm thankful for this month, so here goes.

I Went Climbing
I wrote a whole blog post about this, but its something that I've been wanting to do for ages, and this month I finally got to give it a go. I did better than I expected and I can't wait to go again soon.

I'm Moving!
I currently live quite far away from uni (45 minutes drive on a good day) and I have to drive through rush hour traffic a lot. It's been a drag for a while now, so I'm moving to Liverpool for third year. It means that the cats will have to go and live with my ex (they're her cats too) which sucks, but I'm still pretty excited!

Re-confirming That I Have The Most Badass Group Of Friends
My friends have dealt with a lot of shit this month and while that's rubbish, it's been so nice to see how much we all have each other's backs and I'm in awe of how well they've all handled the crap that was thrown at them.

I Changed Up My Blogging Schedule
I decided that I'm going to post twice a week, Tuesday's and Thursdays, instead of every other day. It was getting too stressful with uni deadlines and so on, so by posting less, I'll actually be able to get out content that I'm excited about. 

What things are you thankful for this February?


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