Youtube Obsessions

I’ve delved in and out of watching YouTube for years and never stuck to one particular YouTuber or had a go to channel, but recently, that’s all changed. I’ve started to get REALLY sucked into YouTubers, so I decided to write a post about it so I can hopefully get some recommendations on what else I might enjoy!

At the moment, these are my favourite Youtubers (bear with me, there’s quite a lot):
Ally's Channel

Ally posts hilarious videos generally, but she also writes super catchy songs too – one of my favourites is ‘How To Tell If A Girl Is Gay’, it’s absolutely fabulous.

Jessi's Channel

I love storytime videos and Jessi’s are so funny. Some of the stories she has just make you wonder how so many things can happen to one person and I love to stick these on when I’m getting ready in the morning because they don’t take too much concentration either.

Tati's Channel

Tati has one of the most soothing voices I've ever heard, no joke. She’s a beauty vlogger and her videos are all great, but in particular I love her WTF reviews where she tests out ridiculously expensive products to see if they’re worth the money.

Bunny's Channel

Bunny does a load of different videos but my favourite are her ‘Does This Thing Really Work?’ videos. She tests out the most random and bizarre products including stampable eyebrows and hairdryer gloves, as well as kids toys too. They’re such funny reviews – something about Bunny just makes me laugh anyway, though.

Stevie's Channel

Stevie makes honest videos about periods and sex, amongst other things, without them being awkward and cringy. They’re helpful and educational as well as funny and talk so frankly about stuff which definitely needs to be talked about more!

Hannah's Channel

Hannah is one of the only British YouTubers on my list and I haven’t been watching her videos long but something about her reminds me on Hermione Granger. She’s easy to watch and does a lot of drunk advice/feminist/favourites videos.

Jenna's Channel

Jenna is one of the first YouTubers I got into and I think it’s mainly because I love her dogs. Her videos are kind of silly but somehow relatable and, I don’t know, I just really like that.

Lyd's Channel

I only started watching Lyd’s videos when I started blogging (I haven’t really branched out into subscribing to more vloggers yet – so if you’re a vlogger, let me know) and I really like her videos. She posts about super relatable stuff and is a lovely person, so you should definitely check her out.

What YouTubers do you love?


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