National Hugging Day

A while ago Ally Hills did a video on pointless national days (here) and it inspired me to look up some of my own. After scrolling through loads and loads of pointless ones, I found out that it’s National Hugging Day today in the UK and I just thought that was really cute. 

I’m not saying go out and hug a random stranger on the street (unless you really, really want to), but I definitely reckon people should hug more. I think as you get older, you tend to hug your family less and less and I promise you, you won’t realise how much you miss it until you can’t do it anymore. Hugs are a great stress reliever and fab at reducing anxiety (because of the pressure) and I genuinely think they’re just a very underrated thing, especially platonic hugs. 

Since today is all about hugging, why not tear yourself away from your phone or computer for two seconds go and give someone you care about a big hug today (providing they consent, obviously), because I definitely reckon hugs are undervalued these days. 

PS. Would anyone be interested in more posts on random national holidays throughout the year?


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