Disability Life Hacks

Growing up with a disability, you sometimes have to think outside the box a little bit when you can’t do something. My Mum and I have done this my whole life, and I’ve decided to list the most helpful of these disability life hacks.

This one is only recent, but I added a PopSocket onto my phone. Not only has it improved my grip generally but it’s meant I can carry my phone with my crutches too, which is more helpful than you’d think. (I wrote a whole post on them here).

Towel Dressing Gowns & Hair Turban
I used to struggle with getting dried and it always made me really frustrated. It’s not something you really want to be asking for help with if at all avoidable, so I got a towel dressing gown that I put on as soon as I get out the shower. This means that I can just get on with whatever and don’t have to worry about drying myself – my Mum and Gran (who don’t have disabilities) have both started doing it too! I also got a towel hair turban for Christmas that buttons so it stays on, which is super useful for drying my hair too.

Tubs & Bags
This has been a godsend for living on my own. If I’m cooking and want to carry it through to the living room or somewhere else, I pop it into a tub then into a bag meaning that I don’t have to worry about balancing and that I can have my hands free to hold onto furniture or save myself if I'm going to fall.

Water Bottles & Flasks
This is similar to tubs and bags but investing in flasks and water bottles was one of the best things I ever did. I got so frustrated at not being able to carry my own drinks around because I'd spill them when I wobble, so this helps loads and means I can be a lot more independent.

Cool Crutches
I wrote a post on my crutches ages ago (you can read it here) and while they are really a hack, it’s so nice to walk around without hearing the click of NHS crutches and with something that’s a bit more padded on your hands.

These are all probably things that you’ve thought of already if you need them, but maybe they’ll help someone! What are your disability life hacks?


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