Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

I never thought you could be friends with an ex. I never understood how you could switch off the romantic feelings for someone or how you’d trust them again, until it happened. No one in my life understands why I'm friends with my ex and to be honest, I don’t blame them. I know for a fact if any of their exes had been like mine and they told me that they were friends with them, I’d ask them why and think they were mad, but here I am, being friends with my ex. 

Said ex and I had THE messiest relationship of my life. The last six months were a shit show and I think everyone who knows me was completely relieved when we finally broke up and she moved out, and honestly I thought I’d never speak to her again and I was okay with that. Fast forward five months and she’s now one of my closest friends. Maybe its because we were together for a year and a half (my longest relationship), maybe it’s because we actually get on really well, maybe it’s habit – I don’t know, but something stopped me cutting her out my life like I have done with everyone else. 

We get on great now and we have a good time when we meet up. We talk openly and honestly about our relationship and laugh about how stupid we both were for dragging it out and how we should have broken up a lot sooner. We both admit our flaws and the mistakes that we made without it turning into a fight, and if one of us doesn’t want to meet up, we can just say no without there being any obligation or feelings hurt – it’s wonderful. 

She’s the person that knows me better than anyone else and who can read me like an book and that’s why our friendship works. It’s become fun and easy again and I enjoy her company on a platonic level and that’s it. I never thought I’d be friends with an ex, but it seems to be working out pretty well so far (sorry, Mum!) 

Would you be friends with an ex? Or are you already? How’s it working out for you?


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