Are Personal Trainers Worth It?

Honestly, I was sceptical at the thought of seeing a personal trainer. After having a break from seeing physios weekly, I was wary of going back to that, despite knowing that it would do me so much good – but after constant nagging from my Mum, I agreed to give it a try and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised!

I started seeing Sean Brady, a local personal trainer to me and my sessions couldn’t be less like physio if I tried. They focus on improving areas where I’m weak, perfecting my technique and then adding weight to increase strength and stamina.

(These videos are so embarrassing)

The sessions with Sean are so much fun and I look forward to them rather than dreading them like I used to do when I had physio. They feel so positive and Sean always keeps my programme varied so I’m not doing the same thing week after week which I love. My family have even noticed huge improvements in my walking when I try without crutches which has made me feel like I might actually be able to get off crutches one day (something which I’d started to think might never happen).

If you’re debating seeing a personal trainer, whether you have a disability or not, I’d definitely say give it a go, even if you just try a few sessions. If you live near the Neston area in Merseyside and are looking for a personal trainer, I really couldn’t recommend Sean more and you can check him out here.


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