Happy Birthday Mum!

I know it's insanely cliche to say you want to turn out like your mum, but in my case, it couldn't be truer. It's my mums birthday tomorrow, so I decided to write her a mushy blog post and embarrass her (and probably make her cry). 


Happy Birthday!

You are without a doubt THE strongest person I have ever known. You have so much shit thrown at you all the time yet you're still there for everyone else whenever they need you. You're an absolutely amazing mum and I've learnt so much from you, from spending hours with you teaching me how to tie my shoes or how to be the most badass bitch and never let my crown slip. 

I wouldn't be the person I am or doing the things I'm doing in life without you always being there encouraging me from the word go and I hope today we can spoil you as much as you always spoil us. 

Thank you for being there, through every good day and bad day, I really am very lucky that you're my mum. 

(You better be crying now) 

Relax and let us treat you like a queen for the day

love you always,



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