12 Days Of Blogmas: Day 8 - Friendship Collars

I was going to make this a general post about Christmas presents for cats and dogs and maybe their owners - but then I remembered that Friendship Collars exists. 

Credit: Friendship Collar

If you've never seen these before, you choose a collar for your cat or dog and then get a corresponding bracelet for you to wear - I honestly think they're amazing. Unfortunately, my cats hate collars, so I can't get these, but I'm definitely going to in the future when I have a dog. 

Credit: Friendship Collar

This post isn't sponsored at all, I just think everyone needs to know how fab these are and I reckon they'd make absolutely amazing presents for any cat or dog owners that you know - I wanted to get one for my Mum's dog, but she said no!

If you have pets, what will you be buying them for Christmas?


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