12 Days Of Blogmas: Day 3 - Think Through Your Presents!!

Ages ago I read a blog post about choosing appropriate presents for people with disabilities (I wish I could remember where so I could link it because it's fantastic) and it's something I've never forgotten. 

It had so many funny stories such as blind people getting books for presents and lower leg amputees getting skipping ropes and it made me wonder if I'd had anything like this in my life. I thought back and I'm pretty sure there was probably a few - I remember getting a skipping rope once and anyone who knows me knows that me trying to skip would never have ended well.

I still think about the article to this day and have a little giggle to myself  and i dont understand why wouldnt you think about whether the person you're buyng the present for can actually use it?? It's all fun and games if the person has a sense of humour but that kind of thing could definitely just look very insensitive!

If you've got a disability or intolerance or anything, have you got any funny present stories? 


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