12 Days of Blogmas: Day 2 - Christmas and Budgeting

I'm a massive nerd about budgeting all throughout the year to the point of being obsessive. I have spreadsheets and I track every penny, but Christmas is the one time I really love to splurge and spoil other people. Sometimes, though, I find it really hard to stop myself just spending all my money on presents because I want to get everyone the perfect gift and I hate not buying something that someone will love because it's more than what I'd ideally like to spend. 

This year, though, I decided to be really strict with myself. I'm only a student and it's not what you spend but the thought that counts right? Me and my friends at uni are doing Secret Santa and have put a budget on it and I've sat down and thought through who I actually want and need to buy for. I've been trying to put money aside for a while now and this year I've been through and made a list of ideas for what each person might like so that when I actually get round to going shopping, I'll actually know what I want to buy. 

I can't be the only person that piles on the pressure to buy the perfect present, no matter what the cost, surely? Please tell me if you struggle with this too and let me know any tips you use - I really need them!


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