12 Days Of Blogmas: Day 12 - Christmas Eve Traditions

I arguably prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day itself. I love all the hype and traditions and generally just find it quite a fun day. Although we travelled a lot on Christmas Eve when I was younger, we do have some family traditions which I love and can't wait to do again today. 

As I've got older, the traditions have changed and these are the main two we still try to do every year. Of course, at one point there was putting carrots our for the reindeer and food for Santa, but we stopped doing that a while ago and these are the two things I enjoy doing again and again.

Evening Cinema Visit 
As a kid, it always felt dead late when we came out the cinema. We'd have seen a Christmassy film and my sister and I would be all excited and wanting to rush home ready for Santa. Obviously that changed a bit as we got older and this year I think we're seeing Office Christmas Party which looks hilarious. 

Christmas Fairy PJ's 
I may be 22 but the thought of not having Christmas Fairy pyjamas breaks me. Despite knowing for years that either my Mum or Gran chooses them, they're still super special and I absolutely love wearing new pyjamas on Christmas morning.

What are your families Christmas Eve traditions - I definitely want to add more to my list!


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