Life Balance

I've been back at uni just over a month now and I'm starting to get back into the routine of early mornings and deadlines, but one thing I'm really bad at is striking a work/life balance. 

I threw myself into blogging so hard over the summer that I must admit, I was a little stressed that I wouldn't be able to keep it up when I went back to uni. I set very high blogging related expectations for myself and I didn't want to think how I'd feel if I didn't meet them, especially considering how much of a stressed out person I can be generally. 

I've been knackered since I started back, and while I've still been getting posts done, I've definitely slacked off on sending out emails and other general admin that needs doing. I'm slowly starting to get my groove back, but I do find myself worrying about blogging a lot more than I'm worrying about uni work, which probably isn't brilliant!

I'm lucky I know, there's people with a lot more on their plate than me who handle it with ease - but sometimes I just can't help letting the stress get to me and having a bit of a tantrum, even when there's nothing to even be stressed about! 

If you're a blogger, do you feel like this or is that just me?


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