Body Shaming

I’m a sucker for a TED talk ever since I watched an amazing video about amputees so when I had a bit of free time last week, I decided to go on and see what videos I’d been missing out on lately. I came across one called ‘Enough With The Fear Of Fat’ by Kelli Jean Drinkwater.

The video focuses on fat shaming and the idea perpetuated by society that being thin is the norm and being fat is wrong. I’ve had major issues with my weight and body image over the years, and I think that this video gives a really important message. I’m fed up of the idea of thin being good and fat being bad, I’m fed up of the idea that fat people need to lose weight and thin people need to gain weight. I’m fed up of people criticizing other people’s bodies.

Telling thin people to gain weight is just as offensive as telling fat people to lose weight – in fact, telling anyone what to do with their own body is pretty much offensive as hell. It’s not your body, it doesn’t affect your life, and if you have an issue with someone’s size, you really need to look yourself in the mirror and assess what is so wrong in your life that you feel like you can tell other people what to do.

Whether you’re fat, thin or anything in between, don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your body – because in the end, if it’s not what you want to do, you’ll only end up miserable anyway.

If you’re in need of some body positivity, check out the video here. Have you faced any body shaming based on your weight?


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