Trashy TV

I hate to say it, but I'm a massive sucker for trashy, bitchy reality TV. Anything with fights and drama and I'm drawn in within five minutes. It's my go to when I feel shit and as much as it goes against my ethics of pitting people against each other, I just can't stop watching. So if you're like me and love the drama, here's my top 5 trashy TV programmes that I couldn't recommend more. 

The Real Housewives - there's loads of these for all over America (and recently Cheshire) and to be honest I've seen most of them. My favourite at the moment is the Cheshire housewives and it's just so dramatic, bitchy and fabulous. 

Dance Moms - I've never seen anything more ruthless, especially when kids are involved. Think toddlers and tiaras on steroids and as much as you might hate Abby Lee Miller at first, stick with it and by series 3, you'll be channelling her in your everyday life. 

Toddlers & Tiaras - I can never decide if I love Toddlers & Tiaras or if I'm horrified by it, but there's something about the transformation of the children from innocent to mini adult that equal parts fascinates and angers me. 

Big Rich Texas - this isn't on TV at the moment but it's definitely worth finding it online somewhere. It's your standard reality TV but if you've watched everything on at the moment, it's definitely worth hunting it out.

Say Yes To The Dress UK - I've loved say yes to the dress for years and they've recently brought out a U.K. version and it's fantastic. I don't know if it's just I find the humour funnier or something, but say yes to the dress uk is a huge guilty pleasure of mine and if you love the us version, you should definitely try the uk. 

Do you have any TV guilty pleasures?


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