Things Not To Say To People With Anxiety

Living with anxiety gets annoying, stressful and downright frustrating at times, and it's certainly not helped by some of the things people say. They may be said with the best of intentions, but at the end of the day, they often just make me feel worse. I asked around on Twitter and I'm definitely not alone with thinking this - so here it is, just a few suggestions of things not to say to people with anxiety. 

  1. Get Over It - literally the least helpful thing ever, don't you think I would if I could?
  2. You'll Be Okay - this just makes everything more frustrating - like i appreciate that you're trying but i really don't feel okay right now.
  3. Just don't let it bother you - Similar to above, I'd stop being anxious if it was so easy, honestly. 
  4. I need to talk to you, can I call you - this statement honestly makes me want to vomit even just typing it. You best believe that if you say this to me, ill spend however long it is until you call me thinking of the worst case scenario. Plus, phone calls? Are you Satan? 
  5. Don't be a dick - okay this isn't something not to say to someone with anxiety, more just a general rule for life. You'd think it would be pretty obvious, but it doesn't seem to be - just remember everyone is fighting their own battles so be thoughtful and kind. 

Of course, there's loads more unhelpful things you can do and say - what's the most frustrating comments you've had about your anxiety?

(Thanks to @tanyacescax, @killr0cknfr0di, @upandgeorgia and @little_fickle for helping me with the points!)


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