Stickers & Pins

I'm all about accessorising, my laptop is slowly getting covered in stickers and my rucksack and denim jacket in enamel pin badges. I love the way that these simple touches can really show off your personality and here are my favourites from the past few months!

Manchester Bee Co Pin Badge
First off, SAVE THE BEES! No but bee's are so important, and if you want to show how much you love them you can find this pin here for £6 - isn't it just adorable.

Feminist Sticker Club
This is me down to a T. If you sign up for the subscription for $4 a month including international shipping, you will receive one feminism related sticker a month. I've received two months worth of stickers now and I can't wait to see what I get next month.    

Octarine Dreams Stickers
I received a random bundle of stickers from Octarine Dreams and I just love them all, so much so I instantly took photos so I could decorate my laptop straight away. If you love these and want to see what else Octarine Dreams stock, check them out here.

Holly Sims Pin Badge
These two badges are cute as hell. Like, just look at them. I can't wait to wear them around uni, and if you want some for yourself you can find them here for £6 each.

Cat Sticker Club
These fab stickers are by the same company that do Feminist Sticker Club and is also a subscription that you can subscribe to, except you receive a cat themed sticker a month instead. It's $4.50 a month including international shipping and I've received two stickers so far and they never fail to make me smile. 

These are just some of the brilliant stickers and pins I've found recently - do you have any other suggestions?

Disclaimer: products featured in this post were sent to me by brands in return for honest reviews but the opinions are entirely my own.


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