Plugs & Stretched Ears

I stretched my ears a few years ago now (much to the disgust of my mum) and eventually settled at a 12mm gauge. Because I've stopped stretching now, I am always looking for cute new plugs so I can mix it up a little. 

I was lucky enough that Stretch It and Gauge Queen each offered to send me a pair of their plugs to try out and see what I thought. 

Stretch It
I received a pair of their Opalite Double Flared Concave Plugs which are priced from £7.99. They are lovely plugs and aren't too heavy which is something I've often had a problem with when I've tried similar styles in the past. They're my first pair of flare plugs (I've always gone with screw ones before) but I do really like these - especially with the neutral colour being really versatile. I also received a Plug Box for storing my plugs which I find really useful as I always seem to lose one of each pair!

Gauge Queen
Gauge Queen sent me a pair of their Palmistry Teardrop Plugs which start at £15.04 for a pair. They sell some really unique plugs and offer a lot of more floral and feminine plugs than ive seen before on other sites. I love that they're showing that plugs can be pretty and the Plug Potion that they sent smells and feels absolutely amazing too.

I love using my plugs to show off a bit of my personality and I'd definitely recommend checking out Stretch It and Gauge Queen if you're in the market for some new plugs or tapers.

Disclaimer: products featured in this post were sent to me by brands in return for honest reviews, but the opinions are entirely my own. 


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