This isn't a particularly easy post to write, but I feel like it's pretty important and needs to be talked about. For a very long time, I didn't realise that I got fixated on things, and it wasn't until I was generally chatting to Sam (Little Fickle) that it's not just me, and perhaps a trait of my anxiety. 

I always believed that me getting hooked on things was just a (albeit very frustrating) part of who I am. I can be really helpful, if I get fixated on the right thing - uni work or blog posts - things that I need to do, but it can also massively backfire too. 

A month or two ago, for example, I spent approximately 6 hours researching the best type of dog food, finding the best price, working out the daily cost and monthly cost and putting it all on a spreadsheet. That sounds pretty useful right? I DON'T EVEN HAVE A DOG YET. 

Fixations are one of the most annoying things I've learnt about my anxiety because when I get fixated on something, I genuinely cannot stop thinking about it until it's done, regardless of whether I have much more important and necessary stuff to do - but I have found that being able to identify these periods as fixations is really helpful for me to feel a bit less crazy. 

I doubt this word dump is helpful for anyone but me, but it was something I really needed to write about for myself. If by any chance this post has helped you, just know that you're not alone and if you spend 6 hours researching dog food for your future dog like I did, at least you know that you'll be ready for when you bring that puppy home. 


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