Colouring Books

I really got into the whole colouring book thing,  I  love them and they're brilliant stress relief so when I found out about Queerbook Committee, I couldn't help but have a giggle at their products. The name of the website itself couldn't appeal to me more and when I looked into their colouring books a little more, I realised just how wonderful they are.  

I am now the proud owner of two of the colouring books - The Big Gay Alphabet Colouring Book and the Girls Are Not Chicks Colouring Book

The Big Gay Alphabet Colouring Book
This book just makes me giggle on every page, it's so funny and the artwork is so cute. It's great for adults who want some stress relief and a laugh, but would also be great for kids because it's totally PG and who wouldn't love colouring in narwhals and unicorns anyway. 


Girls Are Not Chicks Colouring Book 
Ok I think this is MASSIVELY important. It's no secret that I'm a huge feminist and think it's so important to empower young people, especially girls. This is exactly what this colouring book does and I would have LOVED something like this as a child - in fact, I still love it now. If you know any young girls (or feminist adults apparently) buy them this now.


Queerbook Committee do a few other books too which I can only imagine are as fabulous as these two and I'd honestly recommend checking out their site if you're stuck for what to buy someone and want a really unique and funny present, or if you just need to let out your creativity in the most brilliant way. 

Disclaimer: products featured in this post were sent to me by brands in return for honest reviews but the opinions are entirely my own.


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