I'm really into my music - pop punk especially. There's nothing I love more than screaming WSTR or Neck Deep lyrics at the top of my lungs and I love discovering new bands too. I've recently found two new, up and coming bands who I think are going to be massive so I thought I'd let you all know too. 

Pushing Daisies
A four piece from Bristol, these guys remind me a bit of Headroom but heavier. They just released their new EP 'Stay Sad' on vinyl and you should definitely check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you're into 90's grunge meets pop punk.

Bugg are a Plymouth based band that describe themselves as indie rock more than pop punk, although I reckon they'd appeal to fans of Real Friends and are still pretty pop punk. If you're interested, you can check them out on their Band Camp here or on Facebook and Twitter.

I think it's really important to support small bands, so if you're looking to listen to new music, try checking these two out. Do you know any up and coming pop punk bands? If you do, let me know!


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