Recently, I can't log onto Facebook without seeing new statuses from people I went to school with about their engagements, pregnancies or kids. I'm so happy for them all of course, but it hit me that I'm growing up and that I probably needed to think about my own future, which led to me realising that I don't want kids. 

I had a bit of a quarter life crisis over this and after my freak out was over and I'd stopped convincing myself I'm Satan for not wanting to reproduce, I realised that it's actually okay. As girls, we spend our childhood being conditioned into believing that having kids is what we should do and what we should want - we are given dolls and kitchens over tools and footballs and while there are exceptions of course, this tends to be the norm, leading girls to grow up believing that being mothers is their only option. 

Due to this message being beaten into us by society from day one, realising that you don't want kids can be pretty scary - we're taught that without kids, we'll feel empty, but honestly I can't see that being the case. There's so much to do and explore that I personally can't imagine feeling empty without a child. 

Don't get me wrong, I love kids, providing I get to give them back to someone else. My views may change in the future and I'm not saying it's wrong to want kids, far from it - just that if you don't, you shouldn't feel pressured into it. We don't exist purely to procreate and it's not the only thing women can do.


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