Subscription boxes are becoming one of my favourite things, so when Purrfect Box offered to send me one of their boxes, I was really excited - and so were my cats. 

The Box
I received the August box which was made up of 6 items - 3 toys, two treats and a food bowl. The box also comes with a 'Purr Notes' booklet with advice, hints and tips about cat care, which is always handy. 

So what did I get?


It's a pretty soft ball with a bell inside - standard really. It's a bit bigger than any I've really seen for cats which I liked, and Bean seemed to enjoy playing with it too. 

Fish Toy
This is similar to a wand in that it can be dragged around while your cats chase it. My two go mental these toys anyway and I love that this one is a little different, what with it being completely soft, as it means my cats can play with it on their own too as they would with any other soft toy. It also has bells and catnip and I've never met a cat that doesn't love either of those.

Refillable Mouse Toy
As with the ball, these are pretty standard cat toys, but with or without catnip, my cats enjoy playing with them nonetheless.

Chicken Liver Pet Munchies Treats
I love the fact that these are gluten free as I try to avoid giving my cats rubbish as much as possible. Dreamies seem to send them a bit hyper and I was worried that these would do the same, but so far so good - and my cats were desperate to eat them as you can see from the photos. 

Gimcat Pudding
I've never seen anything like this before - it's the consistency of custard and generally looks a bit weird to me, but my cats seem to love it and have been looking for where I've hidden the packet for the last half hour. 

Rosewood Cooling Bowl
I've not really had a chance to try this yet but it seems like a really good sturdy bowl. I reckon it'll be great for summer as you can put it in the fridge or freezer to keep it cool and if we ever get a sunny day I'll definitely give it a go and update you via my Twitter (such a shameless plug, not even sorry).

I love this box and think it's a brilliant idea for £19.90/month especially when everything would cost at least £40 if you bought it individually. If you're interested in taking out your own subscription and treating your kitties, go here and use promo code ukbyplyv for £5 off!

Disclaimer: products featured in this post were sent to me by brands in return for honest reviews but the opinions are entirely my own. 


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