The title of this post may be shocking, but it's true - I didn't grow up on Disney films.  I got banned from watching The Little Mermaid because of how much I used to sob at Part Of Your World and after that, Disney just wasn't something I watched. I went to Disneyland, I got the autographs, I got a Belle dress (I had no idea who she was and yellow definitely isn't my colour), but I couldn't have told you about anything about the films. 

I did, however, get into Disney as an adult. I've now seen everything from The Lion King to Tangled an while I love them, I feel as though getting into them as an adult has given me a skewed view of the films. Yes, they are magical, but I can't help but notice the similarities between the plot lines, I can't help but get frustrated by the lack of diversity, despite understanding that this is because the films are factual (Anna and Elsa being Scandinavian and black in 1839 is unfortunately unrealistic) and despite knowing that things are changing. 

Saying that I didn't grow up with Disney is met with shocks, gasps and exclamations of 'you missed out' - but I didn't. Getting into Disney as an adult let me fall in love with the films while accepting that they have flaws. I can talk about them and discuss them without getting fiercely protective over my childhood memories of perfect films, but I can still curl up on the couch and have a good cry to Lilo and Stitch as well. 


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