It’s only a short post today - it's not long now until I go back to university and I’m a little nervous if I’m honest. I’ve been on summer holiday since May, I’ve settled into my own routine of Netflix and napping and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it to change – I’m sitting here writing this curled up under a duvet and the thought of 6:30am alarms and 2500 word essays could not be less appealing.

While I’m dreading the early starts and deadlines, I’m excited too. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again and catching up on the drama that’s inevitably unfolded in the four months it’ll be since I’ve seen them. I’m excited to learn again and be challenged and I’m excited to have a reason to get out the house.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably have a meltdown the night before – it’s my second time starting second year after I dropped out a few months in last time so it’s a little daunting. This time feels different though; I love my course and I’m in a much better place mentally – so bring it on second year, I’m ready for you.


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