Since going cruelty free, I’ve found it particularly hard to find cruelty free fragrances meaning I’m always on the lookout for new scents. Recently, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and My Daughter Fragrance both offered to send me samples of their perfumes, I jumped at the chance.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is a fab company based in the USA which makes scents based on literary characters, wanderlust and sinfulness along with anything else fitting the ‘dark, romantic gothic tone’ of the company. I love musky scents so I was really excited to try these out. I received four samples: 221B Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes and John Watson scents), Amsterdam and Lust.

221B Baker Street
This is made up of two separate scents which are bought separately and as you would expect they are Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The description of Sherlock Holmes states that the scent has a dash of tobacco, horsehair and leather. I don’t really see it myself, but it is a dark and musty scent which I totally associate with Sherlock Holmes. For John Watson, the scent is described as crisp linen and lime aftershave. It smells a lot cleaner than the Sherlock Holmes scent, but then you’d totally expect this knowing the characters. These two fragrances combined really do scream Victorian London to me – plus who wouldn’t want Sherlock Holmes and John Watson related scents especially at $17.50 each for a 5ml bottle.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite places and I was looking forward to seeing if the scent matched up to the place. Part of the wanderlust collection, Amsterdam is described as having scents of fresh flowers and grass. Again, I don’t really see this, it is a really clean and refreshing scent without being too feminine or flowery – a perfect unisex scent for $17.50 for 5ml.

Part of the Sin and Salvation Seven Deadly Sins collection, Lust is a scent of red musk, patchouli and ylang ylang. It’s a red/orange colour when you pour it out the bottle (which was a shock when I tipped it out) and is a very, VERY musky scent – much more than I expected, so you only need a tiny bit. It’s probably my least favourite of the scents that I picked, but if you’re looking for something strong and deep, Lust (at $17.50/5ml bottle like the others) would be perfect for you.

My Daughter Fragrance
These scents couldn’t be more different to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab if they tried. Based in Canada, My Daughter Fragrance may be perfect if you’re looking for something sweet, light and feminine. I received three scents from My Daughter Fragrance – a full size bottle of Always Loved and two samples; Joyful and Bloom 23.

Always Loved
This is a lovely fragrance which would be perfect for summer as it smells so clean and light. It features Bulgarian rose oil and Turkish rose absolute, so as you would expect, it is a floral scent. Always Loved comes in a beautiful bottle and box, making it a great gift or everyday perfume. The only real drawback is the price tag – at $85 (about £65) for 50ml it really doesn’t come cheap.

As you’d expect from a fragrance containing grapefruit, orange flower and lime blossom, Joyful has a citrus and clean scent. I’d say its slightly less feminine than Always Loved, but still a perfect summer daytime scent – it also boasts the same price tag at $85 for 50ml, and I’m just not sure I’d pay that.

Bloom 23
This scent wasn’t actually featured on the My Daughter Fragrance website so I can only assume it’s a new scent. It contains notes of ylang ylang, gardenia, jasmine and whipped vanilla, and similar to the others would make a lovely summery daytime fragrance.

In all honesty, I couldn’t really smell much difference between each of the My Daughter Fragrances, but if you’re looking for something floral, it’s worth checking out their website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram providing you can afford the price tag. In contrast, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab seems to have a lot of variety in their scents – while still all fitting with their dark theme. They’re cheaper but smaller and stronger and you can even get samples called imps ears (how cute) if you aren’t ready to fully commit to a specific scent. If they sound like your thing, check out their website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Disclaimer: products featured in this post were sent to me by brands in return for honest reviews but the opinions are entirely my own.


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