I honestly believe that clothing shouldn’t be gendered, so when I got the chance to review a shirt from Gender Free World, I jumped at the chance. The company sells both short sleeve and long sleeve shirts in a variety of patterns and are designed to be unisex, which really appeals to me. I like to play around with my gender expression, so having a shirt that isn’t explicitly marketed as men’s or women’s is fab in my opinion.

The shirts come in three different styles depending on your body type and desired fit:
Alex – for if you have wide hips
Billie – for if you have an EE cup chest and a smaller waist
Charlie – For straight up and down or apple figures.
They come in size 0-7 which equates to women’s size 8-22.

After a lot of deliberation over my body type, I opted for a short sleeve size 2 Charlie shirt in the dolphin print as I vary between a 12-16 in high street shirt sizes because of my boobs. I tend to switch between a standard bra, sports bra or binder quite a bit, so decided to try the shirt with all three so that I could properly compare the fit.

First Impressions
I’m 5ft nothing and finding men’s shirts on the high street is near enough impossible. They’re always too long on me which means they’re tight on my hips which I absolutely hate, so I was really happy when I put my shirt from Gender Free World on and it sat perfectly with no pulling. It also has that nifty hidden boob button which is perfect to stop the gaping which tends to happen quite a lot when you’re a 34DD.

Standard Bra
I felt like the shirt pulled on my boobs when I wore it with a standard bra (probably my fault due to sizing since I don’t wear standard bras that often) but it wasn’t overly noticeable unless you were really looking. If I planned to wear the shirt with a standard bra, I’d probably size up next time, just to make it a little bit more comfortable.
Standard Bra
Sports Bra
This is what I normally wear and the shirt fit great with this. There was very little pulling, it was really comfortable and had a great androgynous fit.
Sports Bra
Finally, I tried the shirt with my binder, just to see how it felt. It was comfy once again and I liked that I can make the shirt more feminine or masculine depending on what I wear underneath it.
I think these shirts are great and go a long way to help break the norm of gendered clothing. They’re no more expensive than the likes of Topshop or Topman at £42 for the short sleeve dolphin shirt and I’ll definitely be buying a long sleeve shirt for the winter. Check out Gender Free World site here, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see more of their clothing.

Disclaimer: products featured in this post were sent to me by brands in return for honest reviews but the opinions are entirely my own.


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