I've always been confused by the concept of self care, you know, the posts on tumblr telling you that self care is bath bombs and buying yourself flowers or whatever? They just don't make sense to me. 

Don't get me wrong, these things are great and can make you feel like absolute royalty, but by definition, self care is fulfilling necessary human functions like eating and drinking. To me, these tumblr masterposts on what you should do when you feel a bit rubbish set the bar a bit too high - the last thing I want to do when I've just cancelled plans because I'm too anxious to breathe properly is go out and buy myself a bunch of flowers. 

On the bad days, self care can be as basic as eating and drinking and these are victories which shouldnt be undermined. They aren't big or fancy or romantic, but they're still self care all the same. Sometimes it's okay if all you do today is breathe, and you're not any less of a warrior because of it.


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