When I got my kittens, I wanted to make sure that they had every possible accessory, toy and supply that they could have. I’d waited long enough to get them, I wanted everything to be perfect – and the one I think I found the most confusing to buy was their cat scratching post. Every one that I found seemed to have bad reviews, to not be strong enough or waaay out of my small student budget, but finally after hours of research, I seem to have found one that both my bank account and my small fluffy testers approved of – the XXL jumbo scratch post from Zooplus.

(kitten for scale)

The post needs to be assembled when it arrives, but this is quick and easy and took my girlfriend all of two seconds. It’s a relatively large post at 107cm tall and one of my kittens has taken to sitting on top of it and looking down on everyone as only a cat can. It also comes in cream or dark grey and doesn’t look too overbearing in your room.

Tester 1: Bean

I chose the cream, and once assembled my kittens launched themselves at it straight away. We haven’t had the post long, only about a week, but despite daily use it’s showing no signs of wear unlike other products I’ve tried that have been destroyed in seconds by two monstrous 8 month old kittens and I definitely feel like this would work for larger breeds too. 
Tester 2: Minerva

My testers seem to love the post too, whether its perching on the top, climbing up and down the sisal post or stretching out and giving it a good clawing, it isn’t something that they’ve used once and knowing just how fussy cats can be, I was worried this might be the case.

The only flaw I've really found so far is the stability of the post. Don’t get me wrong, it does seem pretty stable, but when you’ve got two kittens chucking themselves at it and off it both at the same time, it does seem to wobble a bit. This could easily be solved by attaching it to the wall though.

If you’re looking for a cheap but study cat scratching post that won’t take up your whole room, I’d definitely suggest the XXL jumbo scratching post. It’ll cost you £25 but doesn’t seem like you’ll have to constantly replace it and it’s a small price to pay for the happiness of your kitties.  


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