I love looking online and seeing all the support for people going through a tough day - you know, the motivational pictures with quotes such as 'stay strong little fighter, things will get brighter'? I'm a sucker for those kind of posts, and while I think that they're super important, one thing is always glaringly obvious to me - they're always very female centred. 

We live in a society where men are told to prove their masculinity by being strong and hiding their feelings and this is having devastating consequences on the mental health of men. 

This is a matter ridiculously close to my heart, I've lived through the consequences of staying quiet and not talking - I've seen first hand what can happen and I refuse to let that be in vain. I'm passionate about changing the stereotype that silence is manly and if this post means that even one person finds out about the help that's available to them, then I'll be happy. Men struggle with mental health just as much as women and talking about problems needs to start being seen as a strength rather than a weakness that undermines masculinity. 

I'll probably write more on this topic at a later date - but if you're a guy reading this, staying silent and hiding your feelings isn't strong, getting help is. 

For more information, help and support engineered specifically towards men, check out the Campaign Against Living Miserably website here or if you've been affected by anything in this blog post, you can find help and support here.


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