Anyone who knows me knows that I'm probably the least chill person you'll ever meet. Anything that I could stress or worry about, I will do, incessantly.

It's exhausting and draining, so I've decided I want to take a new approach. For my own sanity, I've decided I need to start letting things go - stop stressing over the things that I can't change, and take active steps to change what I can.

I’m tired of getting upset, down and sad over things that have literally nothing to do with me or my life – things that I have zero control over. I’m tired of not being able to sleep because I’m stressed thinking that I haven’t written a to do list for the next day – I mean, is not having a list really worth losing sleep over?

By no means do I think it's going to be easy, just snapping out of my habitual control freak mind-set that I've had for 22 years isn't just going to happen overnight - but hopefully, eventually, I'll learn to stress less and live more.

This is my new promise to myself. I'm hoping that by writing this post and publishing it on the internet for everyone to see, I might actually be able to stick to a new, chilled out lifestyle. It’s written here, you can all hold me to this, and please don’t hesitate to redirect me back to this post at my next inevitable meltdown.


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