Not long ago, I wrote a post on why I needed to learn to let go (you can read it here) and following on from this, I thought I may as well make a post on how I handle stress. I’m by no means good at handling stress at all and I’m partial to a good meltdown every now and then, but so far, these are the strategies that I’ve found work for me.

1.     Lists, Lists, Lists – I’m a huge sucker for a good list, especially a colour coded one.  I find it helps to get everything out of my head and down onto paper – that way I’m not worrying and trying to remember at the same time. It also makes me feel fab when I can cross things off my list when I’ve done them too.

2.     Talk To Someone – for me, I find that having a good old rant to someone I trust is a really helpful way to manage my stress level. Whether my chosen victim can help or not doesn’t actually matter, I just find it really helpful to get it all off my chest and be told that I’m not actually crazy.

3.     Take A Break & Get Perspective – I lose perspective on things really easily, especially when I’m stressed about things. I have a tendency to blow things way, way out of proportion, making me even more stressed, and while I often have to be forced to take a break and do something I enjoy (thank you Netflix for having Gilmore Girls – you’ve prevented so many freak outs), I do end up finding that having the time and space to realise that everything isn’t as bad as I think and that I am in control really helps.

If you’ve got any of your own tips and tricks for managing stress levels, please let me know as I’m always looking for new ways to avoid a meltdown! Or, if you’re stressed and need someone to vent to, please message me on twitter and I’ll be happy to listen with no judgement.


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