It's no secret that I love animals, I basically have my own zoo at home and have recently gone vegetarian, but the one thing which has always confused me is cruelty free shopping. 

I guess I've always been a little aware of animal testing practises, but it wasn't until I started to see more and more posts about it on social media that I realised I needed to do some of my own research and decided that I only want to give my money to cruelty free brands. This felt like a pretty daunting decision to be honest, I knew that a lot of the brands I was used to buying and could get easily tested on animals, so I began looking for alternative brands that didn't. I thought this would be really hard, but I actually found it easier than I expected with lists such as this, this and this being my absolute lifesavers. It can get confusing, as some cruelty free companies are owned by companies which test on animals (such as The Body Shop or Kat Von D) so be careful, but often on lists of brands it's stated if this is the case.

The point of this post really was to explain that although cruelty free shopping can seem scary it really isn't - products in stores such as Superdrug are now clearly marked with the leaping bunny logo if they're cruelty free and state if they're suitable for vegans or vegetarians and there's plenty of lists online to help you out. This post isn't meant as a judgement, but if it convinces even one person to switch a few of their products to cruelty free, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  I just know I'd rather be able to cuddle my bunnies without feeling guilty than have the latest Mac lipstick, especially when shopping cruelty free can be so simple.


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