I love to collect things. There's something about completing a collection which is just so satisfying, and at times I have been known to get obsessed with whatever it is in particular I'm collecting at that point in time. At the moment, that obsession is collecting vinyl. 

I don't claim to be a vinyl aficionado - in fact I'm really not. My record player isn't the most expensive you can buy (I have a Crosley), but it is pretty - and from my experience, it seems good as a beginner record player. The quality isn't perfect, but for listening to vinyl in your bedroom, it really isn't bad for your money. 


Anyway, enough about my record player, it's the actual vinyl that I love collecting. I'd say at this point I have about 50, all various genres and ages. Some were my dads - including Joy Divison, The Cure and Bowie and some were my girlfriend's Grandads - Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix. These vinyl so sentimental to me - and while I don't really play them, I feel as though my collection would be incomplete without them. 


My own collection is my favourite however. Made up of mainly pop punk records, there's nothing better than blasting them loudly and singing my heart out. I'm a massive sucker for coloured vinyl - give me a good splatter print or three way split and you better believe that I wont shut up about how beautiful it is for a long, long time. Hunting for all the different variations is more fun than you'd imagine, honestly. 

Whether its noughties pop punk or 80's rock, it's hard to beat listening to it on vinyl. I like things to be complete, so I guarantee I'll be collecting until I'm old and grey. Are you like me and love collecting - and if so, what do you collect?


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