I’m always one for trying out new snacks, and with recently deciding to go vegetarian, I thought it might be a good time to order a free Graze Box and see if anything tickled my fancy.

I’m pretty fussy when it comes to my snacks, so I wasn’t expecting to like many on the available list, however I was pleasantly surprised. You’re able to eliminate certain things from your list of available snacks, whether this is due to allergies or lifestyle choices as it saves you having to trawl through lists of ingredients for each snack which would take forever. 

Then after fine tuning what you do and don’t want to try, ordering your box is simple. You have to put in your bank details, but if you’re only wanting your free box as a trial, you can cancel your subscription instantly to avoid paying (I did this and it was one of the easiest subscription cancellations I’ve ever done). I ordered a light box, meaning that everything was under 150 calories, and my box arrived within a couple of days.

So what did I get?  

This is probably the snack I was most excited to try, I’m a sucker for savoury snacks so the garlic sesame sticks, oat bran sesame sticks and multigrain soy crackers in the pack were right up my street. Personally, I loved these. They were really tasty and moreish, which was a nice surprise as I was worried that they might be bland. For under 150 calories per pack, I would definitely buy these if I saw them in a supermarket, particularly the multigrain soy crackers.

This box contains sour cream and onion half popped corn, cheddar bruschetta and edamame beans, and having never had edamame beans before, I thought this pack might be my chance to discover something new. Unfortunately, I ended up pretty disappointed. I found that the cheddar bruschetta were very strong with a strange after taste, while the edamame beans tasted nothingy in comparison. The half popped corn did redeem this pack a bit for me, it was interesting and the only part I’d eat of this box again. If you like super strong flavours and super weak flavours together, this box would suit you down to the ground, but it just wasn’t for me.

This isn’t something I would have considered trying if I hadn’t got the box in all honesty. As popular as it is, the idea of putting chocolate and toast together has never really appealed to me – but I tried this box with an open mind. On opening it, the toasts smelt amazing, you could really smell the blueberry and the texture of the white chocolate dip seemed good too. While the flavours of the box worked for me, with the blueberry toasts tasting like blueberry muffins, I didn’t find the crunch of the toast worked for me personally – they’re very crunchy and for me it was a bit too much.

Again, I was quite sceptical about this. I’m not a massive soup or broth fan, it confuses me as a food (are you meant to drink it or eat it, I don’t understand?) so it’s probably not something I’d pick as a snack.  However, after trying it, it’s not actually too bad. It’s nicely spiced and quite tasty, but I wouldn’t sit down with a bowl of it. If it was a sauce for curry and rice, I’d love it as a meal, but I can’t see myself craving it. I found the flaked coconut a bit pointless and the chilli and lime cashews were far too limey for me, but it was good to try something different – which is kind of the point of these boxes in my mind.

Well, for a free box liking 1 out of 4 isn’t bad considering I can be quite fussy. I probably could have increased my chances of getting snacks I knew I’d like by being more specific when discounting the snacks I didn’t want to try – but I wanted to try something new and that’s definitely what I’ve done. I’m not sure if I’d pay for a Graze Box regularly myself, but as a one off to try new foods I think they're a brilliant idea.


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