Okay, so this review probably won’t be that exciting to many people, but crutches have been a vital part of my life for the past 9 years and I’m constantly asked where I got mine from so I thought I may as well give reviewing a go.

These crutches are from and I think that they’re wonderful. I bought my first pair about 6 years ago now and they’re still going strong, albeit needing a new set of ferrules and hand grips every now and then. They’re so easily adjustable and I really have dragged these crutches through everything – festivals, holidays, beaches, lochs and probably probably a load more activities that you wouldn't think crutches could handle.

Unlike standard issue NHS crutches, they come in loads of different colours and patterns which are constantly being updated and you are even able to request your own pattern if you have super specific ideas in mind. The colours and patterns are great – but they aren’t my favourite part.

Nothing bugs me more than the clicking of NHS crutches when you walk, I find it absolutely infuriating, and hearing it day in, day out drove me insane. Cool crutches, however, has found a way to get rid of the clicking noise, meaning you can walk silently and if you’re using crutches for a long time, it really is a godsend. The hand grips are shaped to fit better to your palms, making them far more comfortable than NHS grey ones and the top arm cuff is on a hinge, meaning that if you let go of the handles to pay at a shop, for example, the crutches don’t fall to the floor – they hang off your arms instead. For me, this made using crutches so much easier, making them feel far more like an extension of myself than I ever felt with NHS crutches.
Hand Grips

Hinged Arm Cuffs
After so many years of using these crutches, I can honestly say that I have only found a few problems. Firstly, I fall a lot, even with crutches, and while this is no fault of the crutches and more a fault of my awful balance, the fact that the crutches hang off your arms when you let go of the hand grips does mean that you can’t always put your hands forward to save yourself and can end up in some very painful positions on the floor. The other main problem I have found is that as the hinged arm cuff is detachable, and sometimes a fall can mean that this part comes off the crutch itself. Its easily solvable and can be attached again easily, but can be a little annoying. This being said however, these problems could be down to my specific disability, the way I use crutches and the way I fall with them -  so can’t really be held against the crutches themselves. I’ve also found that after a few hours of using these crutches, I end up with painful wrists – but again this is probably more due to the amount of weight I put through my crutches rather than a problem with this specific pair.

At £114 for a pair of crutches (and that’s if you can’t reclaim VAT – which you can with valid proof of disability), these crutches are well worth the money, especially given how long they’ve lasted. Despite a few problems over my whole experience of using these crutches, I couldn’t recommend them more – they helped build my confidence, make a statement, are super comfy to use and allowed me to get on with my life.


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