Binge watching TV shows is hands down my favourite past time. A series in under a day? Bring it on no problem. I get so invested, I'm hooked and I won't stop until I've watched all the episodes and read all the fan theories possible. It's so much fun, but it does leave me with some problems - one of these being the big gaping hole left in my life once I've finished watching whatever my current obsession is. 

Recently, I've had a very severe case of post TV show depression, after just finishing Gilmore Girls. I love the characters, the places, the storylines and (embarrassing as it is) I was crying at the end of the last episode - not just the odd tear, but full on gross, messy sobbing. I guess I just throw so much of my time and effort into these shows and feel like I relate to the characters so much, and then when its over, I'm left with a gaping hole. 

Post TV show depression can be hard to beat. For me, I just had to cry it out, fill the hole left in my heart with some pizza and ice cream and give myself a chance to heal (although I have just started to re-watch Gilmore Girls all over again). 

I know it can't just be me who gets so invested in TV shows, and if you too, what shows have left you with a aching heart when you've finished? I'd love to know so I can emotionally damage myself even more with fabulous television. 


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