It's been a few months now since I finished my first year of uni for the second time, and I'm having mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I'm happy I'm doing something I love now, but on the other hand I can't get the niggling thought out of the back of my mind that if I'd stuck doing my original course I'd have graduated now. Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad I changed courses, and I'm so passionate about what I'm doing now, but it's hard to shake the thought that I'm 22 and between 2 and 4 years older than my friends at uni, it's a really strange feeling. 

Changing courses and universities really did change my life, as cliche as that sounds. My original course made me want to jump off a cliff into a never ending void, whereas my current course is totally my thing and I rarely shut up about it. The campus is completely different too, I went from a huge city campus where I felt like just a number, to a tiny uni where I feel supported and safe. I know I made the right decision in changing, I'm so much happier now, but there's just something weird about it too - and I don't really know what it is. 

Maybe it's that I'm finally enjoying what I'm studying, maybe I feel out of touch with my peers from school, most of whom graduated last year - I don't know but I don't care, dropping out was the scariest, bravest thing I think I've ever done, but a year and a half later, and with first year done (again), I could not be more sure I made the right choice. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm really glad I plucked up the courage to follow my heart. I'm a massive believer that if you do something you love, you'll never be bored - because after all, why would you want to do something you hate for the rest of your life? 


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